Management principle  1. YAMAGUCHI MICA contributes to the prosperity and development of society
  through the manufacture and sale of mica-based powders.
 2. In its activities, we will comply with social discipline, strive to respect human
  rights, protect the global environment, and act as a model for society.
 3. Targeting mutual reflection of customers, vendors and employees as well as
  company development.
Quality policy  (1) Provide products that meets ever-changing user's needs and attract our customer.
 (2) Develop unique products that deliver customers reliability and inspiration.
 (3) Improve our system which enables to provide quality, price and leadtime that
  the customers request.
Environmental policy  (1) Comply with environmental-related laws and regulations, other requirements
  we agree to, and our self-regulations.
 (2) Considering the impact of our activities on the environment, we will strive to
  protect the global environment by environmental load reduction.
 (3) Set objectives, goals and plans, and continuously promote regulatory compliance,
  environmental pollution prevention, save energy, resource conservation,
  recycling, etc.
Responsible minerals
sourcing policy
 Published on the CSR page.

YAMAGUCHI MICA CO.,LTD. was founded in 1951 and has been engaging in manufacture,
development and sales of laminated minerals including mica.
Our wet-ground products have been produced with our unique machines best suitable for
grinding laminated minerals and the quality is strictly controlled. These high-performance
products are appreciated in various industries such as cosmetics, resin and paint, etc.

We also offer original products including MICALET (pelletized mica), Color Mica, etc. to meet
the needs of markets using our genuine skills and have been pursuing new products and

In 2016, we introduced “CSR management” and are engaged in responsible corporate
activities for the realization of a sustainable society.

We are confident that our products and services will give you full satisfaction in the future.

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