Not only producing powder, but also we prepare surface-engineered powder using our own equipment. Our surface
treatment business started for cosmetics from around 1990, and the market field expanded to plastics and paints.

Surface treatment enables to enhance our customer's product value, such as the further improvement of the performance
of powder content product, easy handling when mixing powder, effectiveness such as adding new functions. In some
cases, specialized processing is required upon customers requests.

Our surface treatment is not limited to our own powder products, and we also apply to various inorganic powders such
as Mica, Talc, Sericite, Titanium dioxide, or their powder Mixtures. Prototype is available, so please contact us.
Surface Treatment of Powder for Cosmetics
Surface treatment targets for the improvement of water repellency and texture. For foundations, most inorganic powders
are surfacetreated, and have the effect of improving make up lasting.

Upon your requests, we offer the substrate inorganic powders, processing agents and conditions. And multiple inorganic
powder mixtures(we can also mix), and curing by high temperature heat treatment are available.
Type of Treatment Agent Function, Effect etc.
Silicone Methicone  Hydrophobicity, Smooth touch
Dimethicone  Hydrophobicity, Moist texture, No hydrogen generation
Hydrogen Dimethicone  Hydrophobicity, Smooth touch, Low hydrogen generation
Amino-modified Silicone  Hydrophobicity, Moist and soft texture, No hydrogen generation
Silane Triethoxycaprylsilane  Hydrophobicity, Moist texture, High oil dispersion
Metal Soap Calcium Stearate  Smooth touch, Natural ingredient
Wax Natual Wax  Moist texture, Natural ingredient

Surface treatment of Powder for plastics and paints
Generally, these treatments are effective in improving adhesion of matrix and powder, or dispersibility of powder in matrix.
Thereby, the mechanical strength and the barrier property(water & moisture resistance, gas barrier, etc) can be enhanced.

We can arrange matrix(inorganic powders), processing agents and condition, upon your request. Also,available for not only
white but also dark color like black.
Type of Treatment Agent Function, Effect etc.
Silane Aminosilane  Improving adhesion
Upon your request
Titanate Upon your request
Metal Soap Upon your request   Improving dispersibility

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