Improvement activity for supplier's working environment

Inspection of MICA mine in India
We mainly use natural Indian muscovite as a raw material,
For sustainable improvement of supplier's working environment,
we regulaly visit to local mines and primary processing factories
by ourselves or third party institution for inspection. At there,
we provide improvement guidance if there is any problems
such as safety.
Local contribution activities

At NGO meeting
Positive participation in regional and human rights NGO
activities. We also contribute to society such as donation to
disaster and UNICEF every year.
Internal Activity Internal working enviroment improvement

At internal seminer
All employees voluntarily work to improve their working
environment, such as safety commission, safety patrol,
improvement proposal, etc.
Also to conduct training for harassment prevention and
motivation improvement for employee, and to reform
in-house system for safe and healthy working environment
both mentally and physically.
Reduce enviromental impact
Poster for paperless
Even small things such as daily power saving, energy
conservation and paperless, we are doing enlightenment
activities inside the company by practicing concretely.
For industrial waste reduction, we use mica sludge from
the production process as a cement material.
 CSR Report

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