Head Office (1960's)

Apr. 1951  Mr.Hiroyuki Yamaguchi started manufacturing and selling mica powder.
Dec. 1954  Moved to Toyokawa, Aichi JAPAN (former Kozakai, Hoi-gun).
Aug. 1960  Established as a corporation.
(around 1965)  COLOR MICA for artificial marble was developed.
(around 1980)  Mica powder for cosmetics was developed.
(around 1985)  MICALET (pelletized mica) for plastics was developed.
Apr. 1988  Toyohashi factory was built and started operation.
(around 1990)  Processes of surface treatment and heat tratment for cosmetics were started to operate.
May 2003  2nd Toyohashi factory was built and started operation.
Oct. 2004  ISO9001 (LRQA) was acquired.
Jan. 2016  Declaration of CSR management.
2016-2018  Participated in the followings as part of our CSR activities.
  United Nations Global Compact(UNGC),
  'Sedex ' Platform-CSR,
  Action against Child Exploitation(ACE),
  Responsible Mica Initiative(RMI) for human rights,
  'ecovadis' Platform-CSR
Aug. 2018  Shinshiro factory was built and started operation.

Shinshiro Factory (2018)
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