Moscovite Mica plate
100mm×100mm, 0.1mm(thickness)
Our Mica(Moscovite) is mainly mined in India.
Indian muscovite has a large crystal size, few impurities and black spots.
It is cut as mica plate and used for heat-resistant insulation, heat-resistant
windows, corrosion-resistant windows, etc.

We sell MICA PLATE (MICA SHEET) procured from our network on an
order-to-sale basis.
Typical use for MICA PLATE
It is mainly used in the following applications because it has heat resistance, insulation, transparency, corrosion
resistance and resistance to cracking.
 --- Heat-resistant insulation sheet, such as electric heating equipment, electric circuit, semiconductor device.
 --- Window panel of liquid level gauge for boiler
 --- Window panel for confirmation combusion of high temperature buring quipment

Because the surface of natural mica is very smooth, it is also used for sample table of Atomic Force Microscope(AFM).
Sizes and grades
This is our list of MICA PLATE for Atomic Force Microscope(AFM).
The material is natural muscovite only.
Sizing, drilling and corner R processing are available upon your request.
Material grade Order unit
Delivery term
15 x 15 0.15 GS (ASTM V4) 10, 50, 100  3 weeks (Shipping)
25 x 25 0.15 GS (ASTM V4) 10, 50, 100  3 weeks (Shipping)
50 x 15 0.15 GS (ASTM V4) 10, 50, 100  3 weeks (Shipping)
75 x 25 0.15 STD-1 (ASTM V5-V6) 10, 50, 100  3 weeks (Shipping)
15Φ 0.15 GS (ASTM V4) 10, 50, 100  3 weeks (Shipping)
25Φ 0.15 GS (ASTM V4) 10, 50, 100  3 weeks (Shipping)
Other specifications, requests     Further discussion needed.
 Depending on specs or requests,
 delivery term may take 1 to 3 months
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